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Communication is critical when
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Use SpecBite to make sure everyone
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Who benefits?

Product Companies

Optimize your development cycles by pre-eliminating misunderstandings and improving overall communication and knowledge.

Software Development Service Providers

Fully understanding the end-client goals, agree on them to prevent uncomptible situatutations, and make sure they’re being understood and followed by the development team in production.

End Clients

Assemble the project features and capabilities yourself and share the project with your service provider to get feedback, improve understanding, and ultimately project success.

How is it done?

Requirements Specification Guidance

R.S.G is a unique user experience for generating simple software requirements specification documents in a fraction of the time of traditional methods and with greater clarity for all parties.

Ensuring everyone is aligned with the project and understanding the end goal from their point of view.

Define your project success and goals

Define personas and style guide

Select the screens and features

Share tailored specification

Track and request changes in real-time

Our approach

Quality is our best asset.

Our approach to software development is all about high standard communication and transparency.

Increase the project success rate

Everyone can communicate their requirements, and every developer can produce them.

Certified methods

Our specification methodology is based on the well-known methods with a twist that makes them even better by allowing freedom for engineers and enhanced understanding for business people.

In-depth international research

We keep researching and implementing firm productivity and profitability methods to reach new heights and value for our customers.

Boost your software development process

Software is logical, and so are the requirements.
The missing piece is their communication.

Neriya Rosner

What our client says

Superb quality and response. Glad to know Neri, it’s filled with the most talented people in its field. Keep up the good work!

Queen Martinez

Product Designer at Gojek

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Amet minim mollit non deserunt ullamco est sit aliqua dolor do amet sint. Velit officia consequat duis enim velit mollit.

Blacksheep News

Amazing features

SpecBite enables everyone to find out and communicate their project requirements.


All specifications are being kept on our servers with the industry’s top-notch security measures.

Or alternatively on-premise.

Innovative Experience

Discover what you need and communicate it like the pros on a unique user experience that saves time and increase the effectiveness of the requirements specification.


Access professional business analysts and project managers to help and guide you to create high-quality software requirements specification documents.


Specifications generated using R.S.G are communicated precisely as intended and understood by all project parties.

What is SpecBite?

SpecBite is a software product requirements specification platform. It allows software product managers and entrepreneurs to specify their project requirements quickly and with confidence that everyone will understand.

SRS or Software Requirements Specification is a text document that expresses the product vision and details.

Today’s industry professionals discard the SRS documents in favor of visual specifications. Because SRS documents (in their current forms) are lengthy, time-consuming, and hard to understand by non-technical people. But there are also problems with visual specifications, as they’re also time-consuming and don’t contain all the necessary information for development. As a result, more often than not, the client’s vision and goals aren’t being fulfilled on time, within budget, or not at all.

With SpecBite, you’ll specify textual project requirements (without any technical knowledge) in a fraction of the time compared with traditional specification methods by reusing and customizing pre-specified requirements. You or your clients will be able to preview and assemble the project “pieces” (screens, features, etc.) by themselves. Finally, you’ll share tailored specification documents or work items on project management tools for each project stakeholder.

In other words, SpecBite is a software requirements specification platform for software product managers who writes software requirements specifications for their clients and use them with the development team or entrepreneurs who what to communicate their project requirements to their providers. Its users capture their client’s or their preferences and product vision, Append additional technical specifications and development team instructions, Handle changes in the project in real-time, and share tailored versions for each project stakeholder.

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Together, make a brighter future.

SpecBite R.S.G enables to divide the work efforts among multiple software production workers to work as a team.

Which results in a higher project success rate, experience gain for juniors, and asynchronous work with in-house software production workers and even off-shore freelancers.

We’re building our own freelance pool to accommodate our clients once they’ve specified their project requirements. You’re welcome to join!

meet our team

Our team members

Open Position
CO-Founder CMO

Professional sales and marketing skills with an aligned view of buyer and customer audiences in a two-sided technology marketplace. Software industry knowledge and experience. Ability to establish processes, plans, and infrastructure for growth. Management skills and culture. Data-driven and data analysis capabilities.

Neriya rosner
Founder CEO

Serial entrepreneur with 5 Years of freelance software development experience in FullStack, Mobile Apps, Desktop programs, Process automations and integrations. Founder of Digitalize - Digital transformation services. Enrolled in the Founder Institute accelerator.
CSI, CCNA, MCSA at John Bryce.

Open Position

Experienced with SaaS and large-scale software development, project management, and startups. Strong understanding of DDD, Clean Code and Software architecture. Balancing tech and business needs.

Our Advisors

DR (Ph.D) Yacov Netzer
marketing & Strategy

An experienced private advisor held the position of Ynet's CEO for six years and was Vice-Chairman in Yedioth Ahronoth magazine group. Ph.D. Communication from the University of Jerusalem – lecturers in the Department of Communication on internet and new media.


Senior Full Stack developer and AI/ML expert. Experienced project manager and team leader with a good understanding of software architecture, two-sided marketplace, and project requirement specification documents.

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