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SpecBite is a revolutionary startup that empowers non-technical business leaders to take control of their software development costs and results. SpecBite’s innovative platform allows users to clearly and accurately specify their software requirements, which in turn allows developers to deliver projects on time and on budget.

One of the biggest challenges facing non-technical business leaders is the ability to effectively communicate their needs to the development team. Traditional methods such as documentation and meetings often leave room for misunderstandings and miscommunication, leading to costly delays and rework. SpecBite solves this problem by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that guides users through the requirements specification process.

By using SpecBite, businesses can eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty that often plagues software development projects. The platform’s built-in tools and templates help users to clearly define their needs and prioritize requirements, while the real-time collaboration feature allows stakeholders to review and provide feedback on specifications in real time.

With SpecBite, businesses can finally have the confidence that their software development projects will be delivered on time and on budget. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv and actively helping companies worldwide to optimize their software development process.


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Lavafall Methodology

Introducing Lavafall, SpecBite’s unique requirements specification methodology designed to help non-technical business leaders take control of their software development costs and results.

With Lavafall, the focus is on clearly communicating the purpose behind the requirements, which ensures that the project aligns with the overall business strategy. Non-technical business leaders specify the “why” and the “what”, while the technical team handles the “how”. This leads to a clear understanding of the project’s goals and objectives.

Lavafall provides a clear and accurate estimate of the total cost of the project and a timeline that is easy to understand. The requirements document is designed for collaboration, so that new developers can easily get up to speed, and the project can continue even if team members change.

Lavafall takes an iterative and incremental approach, which allows for quick delivery of results. This methodology is focused on delivering what is necessary, and eliminates unnecessary activity. Each phase of the project has specific deliverables and a review process, which helps keep the project on track.

Lavafall is also designed to be flexible, accommodating feedback from customers and stakeholders. It allows for adjustments to be made as needed and for requirements to be re-synced. This methodology empowers the development team to make decisions and provides a simple and easy to understand and use requirements methodology.

In summary, SpecBite’s Lavafall methodology provides a clear, predictable, and efficient approach to software development, specifically designed to help non-technical business leaders take control of their software development costs and results.


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