Communicate to Success

Clients and developers speak different languages,
things break down, overrun, and fall short.
SpecBite gets everyone on the same page.

The Team

Meir Sabag
Strategy Advisor

An experienced entrepreneur and a people person who develops concepts based on value propositions through a proven track record of creating partnerships, hands-on marketing experience, innovative positioning, differentiation, and marketing strategies with low sourcing. Expert in taking early stage startups from idea to million dollar evaluations.

Yutal Goldshmidt
Senior Business Analyst

Seasoned Product & Project Manager with over 15 years of experience. skilled in both marketing and technological products, customer & development-oriented. Experience in the full product life cycle (B2B/B2C) for IoT, SaaS, Enterprise, CRM, Billing, Stock markets, COID-19. Developer-level grasp of coding, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript, IT Network Infrastructures.

Yacov Netzer
Advisor communication

Yacov has a Ph.D in communication and was the CEO of Ynet for 6 years and Vice-Chairman in Yedioth Ahronoth magazine group. Also lecturers in the Department of Communication on internet and new media.

Yotam Malkiel
UX Researcher

A junior UX researcher with strong self-management abilities and a strong passion for the software industry. inventiveness and a creative mindset. has the capacity to go above and beyond to finish any task with the best possible result. An excellent listener who is detail-oriented and asks excellent questions to fully understand a situation.

Neriya rosner
Founder CEO

Serial entrepreneur with 5 Years of software development experience in FullStack, Mobile Apps, Desktop programs, Process automations and integrations. Graduated from the Founder Institute accelerator. Founder of Digitalize - Digital transformation services.
CSI, CCNA, MCSA at John Bryce.

Open Position

Experienced with SaaS and large-scale software development, project management, and startups. Strong understanding of Software architecture, DDD, Clean Code, SDLC, Software requirements specification processes and methodologies.

About Us

SpecBite exists to get project owners, developers, entrepreneurs and everyone else involved on the same page from day one.

by helping people from different professional backgrounds find a common language, and update information in a central location, we simplify everything. After all, just because the software is complex, why should the communication that creates it be too?

Our approach is to simplify and streamline at every stage, allowing key stakeholders to continually review and assess the scale, scope and direction of any given project. Perfect when you want to make sure costly overruns and delays finally become a thing of the past thanks to a simple little tool that’s already proven to work.

Our Philosophy

We believe every project deserves the best possible chance of success, and that it only happens when everyone knows exactly what’s expected. With SpecBite providing the structure and direction, all you have to do is join up the dots with a little bit of seamless communication.

What could be simpler?

We're a startup company!

SpecBite is developing a SaaS platform to automate the entire process, from Idea to execution and maintenece.

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