Business and Tech communcation barrier

Did you ever receive an unclear purchase order from a client and figure out they meant something else only after the fact? Or did they change their mind based on the vague purchase order? Or did you deliver the perfect project with extra focus on details, and then the client wasn’t satisfied and wanted to make changes that are not what you agreed upon?

Yeah, we know the struggle. It’s real.

Any developer can deliver a project, but not every developer can provide a project to the client’s satisfaction that matches the business goals and intentions. 

We, developers, love programming because we understand it. The computer is obvious in terms and definitions. The result is predictable. There are no misunderstandings. Nothing is lost in translation.

But business life isn’t the same. Business people don’t always know how things work, and they anticipate different stuff than what they communicate. Their language is foreign, and we need to translate it into code, which is not easy.

So how can we overcome this communication barrier?

  • Specify the project using agreed-upon ways of communication.
  • Talk and document everything.
  • Create diagrams.
  • Ask questions.
  • Try to understand the other point of view.
  • Verify assumptions.
  • Define terminology.
  • Use examples and analogies. 

Using these methods will increase the client’s satisfaction and eventually the project’s success. by showing them you understand and care about their needs. 

Customer service is a crucial part of the business. No one can successfully deliver a project without understanding the customer. Furthermore, satisfying customers isn’t done only by coding. Clients usually what to be heard. They what to see you care. You can be the world’s best developer, but if your client sees you don’t care, they will not work with you.

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