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Specifications Specialist

Meet customers to specify their software project requirements for development.


Requirements Management


Israel, Tel Aviv

Senior FullStack Developer​


In-House - Co-Founder

Passionate developer, experienced in SaaS and large-scale software development and management projects, startup, and team-leading.

Israel / USA

Technology Advisor​



Senior developer and AI/ML expert. Experienced project manager and team leader with a good understanding of software architecture, SDLC, and software requirements specifications.​

Israel, Tel Aviv

Marketing Specialist / CMO​



Professional sales and marketing skills with an aligned view of buyer and supplier audiences on two sides of software development services.

What’s it like to work in here

Young and Vibrant

As a small startup led by a young entrepreneur, naturally, working with us will make you feel younger and keep you vibes UP!

Learn & Improve

Our human capital is our greatest pride, that’s why we go the extra mile to keep you updated, educated, and the best as you wish to become.

Cutting Edge

Work with the newest technologies and unique processes that makes life so much easier.

Build your community

At SpecBite, we endorse friendship building and strengthening the employees’ connections.

Our work culture

Our principles are of great importance.
At SpecBite we work diligently to make sure
everyone feels compatible and improve!


Be willing to accept reality either in good times or bad times.

When you don’t face reality, you don’t find ways of dealing with the root cause of problems

  • Be a hyperrealist
  • Truth is the essential foundation for any good outcome
  • Be radically open-minded and radically transparent
  • Learn from nature, continue evolving, and be a good person
  • Pain + Reflection = Progress
  • Own your outcomes
  • Confront weaknesses


Embrace radical open-mindedness and radical transparency. Be extremely open-minded and willing to receive feedback on your skills, actions, and personality. Also, give constructive feedback with utmost transparency and frankness.

  • Recognize your two barriers (ego and blind spots)
  • Practice radical open-mindedness

Effective Decisions

  • Synthesize well
  • Make decisions as expected value calculations
  • Weigh the value of additional information against the cost of not deciding
  • Weigh decisions according to the believability
  • Convert your principles in algorithms and recruit a computer


  • Conflicts are essential for great relationships
  • Know how to get in sync and how to disagree well
  • Be open-minded and assertive at the same time


  • Principles can’t be ignored
  • Don’t confuse the right to complain, give advice, and openly debate with the right to make a decision
  • Don’t leave important conflicts unresolved
  • Support a decision once its made, regardless of individual disagreement
  • Being humble and recognizing when you don’t know something will supercharge your learning

first-order consequences

For example, the first-order consequences of exercise are “bad” (soreness and time-sink). But without them, the second-order consequences of better health and more attractive appearance are impossible

outcomes ownership

  • Building your ideal life is your responsibility. You are the one to blame when you fail to overcome a challenge
  • Worry about reaching your goals rather than looking good.
  • Take the time to experience pain, reflect on such painful experiences and learn from those experiences to mitigate the risk of it repeating in the future.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from them

get what you want

  • Having clear goals
  • Identifying the problems that prevent you from achieving these goals
  • Getting to the root cause of these problems
  • Designing plans to help you overcome these root causes
  • Enforcing these plans to get your desired results

It’s nice to work in here. The work life balance is great. So many perks available and you got a very big connections all over the world.

Queen Khan

Product Designer

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Suzanne Fiore

Digital Analyst

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