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Accurate documentation drives world-changing innovation.

Today's Problem

According to studies, in 65% of cases, software development projects fail to meet deadlines and budgets. Because of miscommunication

Simple solution

A thorough planning
and documentation process
guarantees that everyone is
aware of the project's scope.

Who do we help?

Turn your big idea into the next big thing with a proven approach to outlining product features every developer can rely on. By taking your research and turning it into something concrete, you can give your developer everything they need to quote fast and accurately. 


Define your product, state what you need, and save thousands of dollars in wasted effort. It’s the only way to get your big idea up and running without delay, which means it’s the only way that makes sense. With SpecBite, delays and overspends are finally a thing of the past.


When you understand the goals of every client you can deliver solutions that do your technical skills justice. Work together, get on the same page, and develop a common language that gets things done. It’s a simple way to stop little mistakes snowballing before you know.

A simple formula for success

We’ve seen from our own experience that 80% of results are driven by 20% of the efforts spent on requirements and specifications. 

How it's done

Decide what you want to achieve, outline the issues you face and set yourself meaningful challenges with help.

Document precisely what you want so nothing is missed, no matter how nuanced the spec of feature needs to be.
Get quotes from our approved developers and have SpecBite right there by your side, every step of the way.

Simply provide your contact information, and a professional product manager will contact you.

We're a startup company!

SpecBite is developing a SaaS platform. The goal is to automate the entire process, from Idea to execution and maintenance.

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Together, we build the future

SpecBite is passionately committed to building a brighter future for everyone involved in the software development lifecycle. If you like what you hear and want to do more, you can start an exciting new partnership with the click of a button…