Become an approved vendor.

We believe that teams that work together are more efficient, and members gain higher quality experience and knowledge.

The type of work you'll get

Software Development

Develop programs, apps, and websites. maintain the developed software, add new features and capabilities.

Project and Product Management

Specify requirements based on client's requests, solve issues arising in the team, guide the team to success.

UI/UX Design

Create style guides, Design web apps user interface and user experience, components, and feature design.

Security Audit

Pentest and harden developed software to ensure it has no malicious code and is resilient.

Quality Assurance

Run tests on software, write dynamic and static tests, check the functionality, and write reports.

Data Analysis

Designing and maintaining data systems and databases, interpreting data sets, preparing reports, and more.

How does it work?

  • You’ll receive a well specified set of requirements to bid your estimation.
  • The estimation process is very simple and quick using our vendor tools.
  • Once you’re awarded, you’ll work together with a small team that will complete the other aspects.
  • Your deliveries will be subject to QA rating, and only deliveries that pass a quality control threshold will be sent for confirmation at the client side.
  • Once the client confirms the delivery, you’ll receive the payment.
  • If something is off, you may open a dispute, and both sides have equal rights to win based on the evidence.
  • You’ll have access to professionals in your field and be able to get help and support from them in completing your task for a share of the profit.